As promised (albeit a little late), I’ve posted the pictures from Thanksgiving this past Thursday into the Picture Gallery. The day was great. We started out early, around 8:00am or so. I got the turkey cleaned and Shauna and I both buttered and seasoned it. We had prepped the rutabagas, stuffing, and green bean casserole the night before so the only “work we had to do was to cook the turkey and do the mashed potatoes. Food was done around noon, and we kept it warm until everyone arrived around 1:00pm. Glenn had to go to work really early on Friday, so everyone hung out until about 6:00pm and then left. In attendance were me, Shauna, my mom, my sister, Glenn, and my grandmother. Nobody choked on turkey this year, although there was about three metric tons of food in our bellies the whole day.

A while back, I picked up Burnout Legends and New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. I have updated the video game listing in the Archive.

I’ve been hard at work on rendering some short clips for a demo reel / portfolio that’s going up on the Suncoast Studios sight. I hope to use this to get a job or two out in L.A., working from home. The renders should be done in the next day or two (I’m behind since I had to re-build an entire scene because LightWave had a weird glitch).

The first few discs of BSG Season 2.5 will be arriving today. I may watch some before the Lightning game comes on later tonight.

I may be interviewing for a new IT job in Tampa in the next couple of days. More on that as I know more.

I think I’ll actually start getting the Christmas decorations up tomorrow.

Sick Thought of the Day: Canary in the bum.

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