Slow Day

I got an early-morning call from my mom that my sister needed a ride home from the vet’s office. Evidently, her ride (a friend of the family) had to go to work and couldn’t wait around for her while my sister finished getting the paperwork finished for getting her cat’s nuts whacked off. I picked her up around 8:45am and we then went out for breakfast at McDonalds and then stopped off to take a look at a house they’ve been looking at buying.

I put up a new section for my family today called the Wish List. It’s an area of the site that we can get to that allows up to build Christmas (or birthday, etc.) lists and then make notes on the lists so that we all know what we’re getting each other for said holiday. Of course, the person that entered their list into the system won’t be able to see the comments of others, therefore won’t know what they’re getting. I’m brilliant.

I also worked on the Digital Archive some today. I’ve started to re-work the PC Video Games. When they are all re-done, I’ll make that new section show up on the site (right now it’s hidden and I’m the only one who can see it).

I think I will play some Dark Star One for a while until Shauna gets home from work.

Sick Thought of the Day: Shits that look like states.

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