Well smack my ass and call me Captain-cheesemo-who-eats-the-black-mamba-when-he-gets-into-the-tub-and-has-three-burritos-for-lunch-and-then-farts-so-hard-he-feels-it-in-his-toes-and-hates-the-smell-of-his-own-sulfur-urine-bath-water-guy.

Uh… What was I saying… Oh yeah, I got the job and accepted their offer tonight! Yay for me. The company is OneTouch Direct (stop chuckling Jeff). The company does customer service call volume overflow for clients such as Verizon wireless, Columbia House, and The people there are really nice and the atmosphere is VERY laid back, with most people wearing jeans and shorts in the office. Even the President, who I interviewed with yesterday, was telling me that he hoped it was the last time he’d see me in a jacket and tie and that even he was dressed up in jeans, as he normally wore shorts. Crazy. I’ll be working from 8:00am to 5:00 to 5:30pm Monday thru Friday. The only downside of the job is that it’s one hour away from my place. Shauna and I may relocate to Tampa if it gets tedious. We’ll decide in the next few months.

I just saw the iPhone from Apple today. Well, not in person or anything like that, but I saw it on their site. Man. How fucking cool is that? I’m getting one when I get some cash saved up. I command everyone on the planet to go out and buy one so that the price will drop and make it easier for me to get one… I command it!

Shauna tried one of those BBQ Southwestern Double-Cheeseburger sandwich things from Checkers tonight and said it was awesome.

I washed a load of underwear today.

Everyone owes me a beer now. I owe Jeff something…wet.

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