Week 1, 2007

The first week of 2007 has slipped into history and what do I have to show for it? The year is already 2.64% past us! I don’t have much to show. Yet.

After the aftermath of New Years, where Glen and Amy stayed over night and we had some drinks, food, and Glen and I played Star Wars Galaxies all night; I began the road to new employment. I applied for a couple positions in Tampa. One company e-mailed me back on the 2nd and asked if I’d be up for a phone interview on Friday, the 5th. Of course I said yes. I interviewed with them on Friday and they wanted me to come in for a face-to-face interview on Monday (yesterday). So, I got a haircut and shaved and went in Monday and met with the head-honchos for two hours. They will make the decision today on whether or not I get the job. I’ll know this afternoon. I think there were one or two other people in the running as well. I guess their IT Manager is leaving the company on the 16th, so they need to fill the position immediately. If I get it, I start tomorrow.

I’ve been playing a lot of SWG lately in my downtime. I’ve had a lot of trouble getting creative so I’ve tried to numb my mind with gaming. I have a really cool project I started and want to move forward with it, but just have had no energy to work on it. I’ve found that, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve had trouble hearing my inner-voice. I’ve constantly got music in my head or some sort of technical thing. My brain is still purging IIR out of it, as I’ve been having strange dreams for the last month or so about being there and working, but everyone knows I don’t work there anymore and I’m just working for the “fun of it”. All the people I interacted with on a daily basis are in the dream, albeit in different positions throughout the office. These dreams aren’t disturbing or anything, but when I wake up I feel weird for a few minutes, like how you feel when you have a dream about going to school or work with no pants on or something like that. Maybe it’s my unconscious mind telling me that I need to be working. I dunno. I’m sure when I get a new job, my creativity will filter back in and I’ll stop this mindless existance.

So, yeah, I’ve been playing SWG a lot. I have also been adding new artwork into the Digital Archive. I’ve added a drawing of Cavalier, the original Hypertask Industries logo, and a drawing I did of the X-Men team Excalibur. I’ll continue to add to this, of course, over time. The video games section needs to get fixed as well, as the PC titles are offline (I’ve got about four out of 20 or so titles fixed) and the PS2 and Xbox games still need to be adjusted.

Sick Thought of the Day: Buttercup finger thrust.

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