Getting Fixed or Totaled?

Spring is in the air. Some rain showers have been moving through the area lately, the birds seem to be singing a little louder, and the greenery is coming back.

My life has been — guess! — really, really hectic lately. I went to battle with my auto insurance company and the collision center over my car a couple of weeks ago. I even called Ford who sicced their collision people on them. At that point it had been three weeks and I hadn’t heard anything about the car. Was it going to be totaled? Were they going to fix it? There’s no way it should take three weeks to decide that. So, I got irritated and started making the nasty phone calls. The end result: Two days after I started making a stink, I hear from the insurance company that they’re gonna fix the car. I called the dealership and the collision center tells me “one week to get the parts in, three weeks to rebuild the car.” So, I’m still stuck with the rental car (PT Cruiser) until then, although I’m thinking of taking it back Monday for a smaller, cheaper car now that the rental car is coming out of my own pocket. I should get the Mustang back around the end of the month.

Shauna’s niece, Misti, and her family came down from Atlanta last week and stayed with us for a few days. It was nice to see the kids. They used our apartment as a base of operations and went out every day to Orlando, etc. to have fun.

I got a “creatively acquired” copy of 300 on DVD. Wow. I hope to see Grindhouse this weekend of next.

This is the first day I’ve had off for two weeks. There’s been a massive project at work that has involved me working nearly 80-hour weeks. Thankfully, I hired an assistant and he’s doing the last little bit of work for me this weekend so I can chill out and not resort to bringing in a shotgun to the office Monday.

There’s been very little progress on my behalf on the project, but that will turn around this weekend. This morning I’m going to catch up on paying bills, and then I’m getting together with Jeff for the day to discuss ideas and work on building more sets.

Sick Thought of the Day: Rip the retina.

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