As April Winds Down…

I heard from the dealership yesterday and my car is currently getting painted. They tell me I should have it back anytime from Monday to Wednesday at the latest. That’s gonna rock.

Last Saturday night I went to Target with Shauna as we needed to pick up a few things from the store. She went to look at girl-things and I headed to the electronics department to window shop. Lo and behold, sitting quietly, all nestled among its brethren, were several Nintendo Wiis. Holy shit. Wiis. A bunch of them. About 30 thoughts raced through my mind instantly: Can I afford one? Will they be here for a few days? Is this something I really want?… I summed it up, sucked in my gut and confidently marched over to the cashier who was this big-boned, six-foot five-inch high school kid that looked like he loved playing games. I told him I wanted a Wii and he immediately grabbed his keys for the case and began saying how much he wanted one too. We talked, he got the console and a copy of Wii Play, which also comes with a Wiimote. I bought them and strode happily back to Shauna to show her my catch like some crazy caveman that just clubbed a saber-toothed tiger for his family. She was marginally impressed.

It dawned on me that I needed a memory card to save the games, etc. I knew the Wii used SD cards, so I figured I’d go get one. Returning to the electronics department, I see the official Wii memory card (SD) for $49.99 for a 1GB card! Yikes! I promptly call Nintendo and ask if I have to use a licensed SD card or if I can get away with using any SD card, and they tell me any card will work. I find a Kodak 1GB card for $27.00 and snatch it.

I got home, hooked up the console and started probing around. I love it. I played Wii Sports and Wii Play until about 3:00am that night. And I was exhausted, but it felt great.

The next morning, my arms were really sore. I got into the shower, squirted a blob of shampoo into my hand, and as I went to flip the lid shut, a huge glob of ‘poo shot straight into my eye. It was, by far, the single most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I tried my best to rinse it out, but the soap was already lodged between my delicate eyeball and the lid. It took me about 20 minutes before I could even open my eye, and when I did, I saw it was completely red. Like, so red there was no white. Really red. It was so bad that I had to stay home from work Monday because there was nasty gunk in my eye, like mucous, so it was tough to see. I figured I’ve had enough trouble lately keeping cars in one piece with two eyes, so I’d better stay home.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that last Saturday Shauna and I went to the Sarasota film Festival and saw a screening of Ransom Rigg’s Spaceboy. I own the DVD, but let me tell you – the DVD pales in comparison to seeing it on the big screen. It’s not just the epic-ness of it, but the richness of color and the fidelity of the audio. Wow. Jared was there too, unbeknownst to me, and he, Ransom and I talked a bit after the showing.

So, this week I committed to my company’s CEO that I would move up to Tampa by July 1st. That gives us about two months to get things packed and get up there. We’ve already got an apartment and just need to hire the movers. We’re both very excited about the move, as it’ll afford us an opportunity to live in a big city, which we’ve really never done before.

The other night Shauna and I finally watched The Usual Suspects, courtesy of NetFlix. Great movie. Spacey was awesome. Long live Kaiser Soze!

I’m going to be updating the Comics in the Digital Archive tonight too.

Sick Thought of the Day: High up on her inner-thigh, the smell of a recently spent lumberjack wafted freely. The mixture of fat-man sweat and pine needles rose like an afterthought.

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