New Section

I’ve added a new section to the Digital Archive called Movies. This is the new framework that will house both my DVD collection (pending) and film reviews, which I have decided to start doing as of yesterday. Currently, there are three movies up there that I’ve seen lately: Man of the Year, Jackass Two, and The Pursuit of Happyness. The only one I’ve actually reviewed though is Man of the Year.

The reason I decided to start writing movie reviews was, firstly, so that I could remember the films I’ve seen. There’s nothing more annoying to me as buying or renting a movie that I’ve already seen a long time ago and hated. I also began reviewing for those of you who want to see what a movie is about and what my thoughts are on it (not that I’m a film critic, per se, but sometimes I might have a good idea or observation).

Once I finish reviewing the remaining two films up there, I’m going to start building the DVD collection, which will be similar in fashion to the Video Game archive.

Sick Thought of the Day: Baratuba.

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