Long Night

Well, it’s another one of those nights where I get (read: must) stay late at the office; an all-nighter. It all started with an update to the routing of one of our client’s VPNs. That started at 11:00pm tonight and finished up around 1:30am. I could have gone home then, but I needed to stay and work out a problem with our new Windows 2003 domain. Evidently, the two domain controllers (one in Tampa and one in Canada) decided to go out of sync. Well, their AD schema did at least. So, that means that there are going to be e-mail problems soon. I have to fix it, but it appears that the hotfix I need has to be requested from Microsoft (which I’ve done). Just lovely. So, I’m keeping busy updating the DCs with Windows Updates now.

I got up around 7:00am yesterday (21 hours ago) and won’t go to bed until at least 10:00pm tonight, which means I’ll be awake for at least 39 hours straight, of which I’ll have been in the office at work for 36 of those hours. Man, I wish I was hourly. I’d be so rich that I’d just buy you. And your mom. And your first-born.

I made some more progress on the Tangible Entertainment work the last couple of days. I installed LightWave on my work laptop in the hopes that I’d get a chance to work on the logo tonight, but there’s too much going on (I really shouldn’t even be blogging now).

Shauna’s been really sick with the flu since Friday. She’s taking today off of work since she has to work on Saturday. I hope she’ll be able to get well with the downtime today.

Ninel sent some photos of her now 1-month-old, Ryan, today. What a cutie. I’m not going to share with you. He’s too cute for public consumption.

I decided to start up with the SETI@home team again and installed the BOINC client on my workstation at home. It’s processing now, and results should be posted soon. I’ll install the client on my work machine too and only process while idle (like my home machine does).

I ordered the free Wii Remote Jackets yesterday. I got two.

Sick Thought of the Day: Mangled rabbits in the combine.

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