Abstract Thought

Sickly sweet Pepsi. Acrid black coffee. Almost empty water bottle. Belly hunger gone for now, cashews helping.

Upgrading suncoaststudios.com. Backing up data. Will upload DNN package. FTP. Book done. Render almost done. Increase farm.

Moved websites. SQL Server started. Need to run cabling. Who buys the fax machine? Hank helping later today. Network switches are loud. Got spare mouse. Yelled at end-user. Tested video cards. Ordered power supply. Waiting on hard drives. Move coming soon. Need desks. Condition battery. Keys in the top drawer. DLL today. New voicemail! Stacking cables. Where’s VoIP? Tired.

Sick Thought of the Day: Undigested mucous plug in the base of the throat. Gargle phlegm.

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