Year In Review

As 2007 comes to an end, I have to say that I’m both happy and disappointed with my progress in life. Good things have happened to me and my family. Not many “bad” things happened, but ultimately my frustration comes from my lack of making good headway both personally and for Suncoast Studios.

I started the year by getting a new job, one in which my professional limits could stretch and be utilized properly in an environment that needed them. I’ve worked pretty damned hard this year, putting in a ton of hours, but I can say that there’s been a lot of great benefit from it. I’ve put together a great staff and overcome some difficult tribulations. I think I’ve offered a very good service overall. Of this, I’m proud.

On the home front I think things could have gone better – it’s been tough. Financially, Shauna and I have had some troubles and are now just getting on an even footing. Things are looking like they’ll return to normal in 2008 and I hope we’ll be able to honestly start getting ahead on some credit card debt.

I can say that I’m most disappointed in my progress (or lack thereof) with Suncoast Studios this past year. Some sporadic work resulted in getting Jeff’s book finished in late November. This was after a lot of work, but there was also a lot of inefficient time spent on this project. I should have just spend whatever time I could, night after night, to get it done, but instead let it slide in favor of doing day job work. I need to find a better balance on these projects. The only other thing that I really accomplished this year was rendering the 35mm 4K animation for Tangible Entertainment. This was supposed to only take three weeks, and ended up taking about eight. Most of that was completely under estimating the time-frame to get it done, but I also realized I had no real work flow for rendering things like this. No work flow = almost no efficiency, which I hate. I need to get back to setting goals, creating task lists, and sticking to a strict calendar agenda. Planning is everything. I am failing to plan, which is a plan to fail. Procrastination needs to be kicked to the curb too. This is sounding more and more like a New Year’s resolution.

Well, I think I have all that out of my system.

Sick Thought of the Day: Masturbate the corn-cheese out.

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