Crazy Buffet

Shauna and I went out today and made our way over to Crazy Buffet, which is a really great oriental buffet not far from our place. I ate a ton of food, as did Shauna, and she’s declared that that place is the best buffet she’s ever been to. I think I’ll have to agree. I had some seaweed along with other oriental buffet stapes pepper steak, steamed vegetables, and teriyaki chicken.

Since CompUSA is going out of business in the next couple of days, we headed over there and I picked up a Netgear FS116 16-port network switch. This is mainly in preparation for building the render farm. I still have three more ports open on my Netgear FVS318 firewall, so I won’t use this switch immediately, but I want to start building the farm anyway. I’m in the process of hunting down old PCs and either taking them in working order or getting them as-is to see if I can spend minimal money of fixing them. Of course the faster the CPU on these machines, the better, but for now more processors is better, regardless of performance.

I’ve been having some really strange 3D graphics problems on my PC recently. I think it stems from recent video drivers I’ve installed, but I can’t rule out yet that my nVidia 7950 GT card is going bad. I’m getting multi-colored banding errors in textures in games and from time to time the 3D polygons in games go haywire and have large points streaking off them into infinity. Unfortunately, the cheap way of fixing this is to re-format my PC, which I hate to do, but it’ll give me a chance to install a new hard drive I recently bought too. I think I’ll definitely re-format tonight, which means I may not be back online for a couple of days. Hopefully, I can get the majority of the software reinstalled by January 1. That’d be a great way to start 2008.

Sick Thought of the Day: Gargling afterbirth with toenail clippings.

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