Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, so here I am again. Things have been busy lately, as usual. Most of my time has been spent working on IT stuff for my day job. We’re still in the process of moving into our new building, but there’s the potential of a new client coming on board that’s thrown a wrench into the process. Regardless, I’ve been busy getting last-minute things finished up in the server room. The only things left now are the fire-suppression system and the cleanup, and I hope that’s all done this week. We have a large IT audit going on right now and that’ll take up the rest of my week. I have to implement some new stuff and test some old stuff. I need to focus on getting that done today.

Because of all the crazy hours, I’ve fallen off the wagon and have not been eating right. I’m getting back on track today and will have a bowl of elbow macaroni with tomato sauce when I get home tonight. I made a one-pound loaf of cinnamon raisin walnut bread last night, and will be munching on that from time to time. Fresh, homemade bread is the best.

I spent my idle time this past week(end) watching movies. I saw The Simpsons Movie, which was pretty funny. I also watched SuperBad. I think I’m getting burned out on Judd Apatow movies because I just don’t think that it was really funny. Sure there were a couple of cool moments where I laughed but, over all, it was mediocre. Speaking of movies, Shauna and I went and saw Cloverfield last weekend and, I have to say, I loved it. This movie seems to be one of those where you either completely hate it or completely love it, and there’s very little opinion in between. I mentioned it to Millard and he told me he saw it and he thought it was awful. Sure, one can argue that it was an “artsy” film. For me though, I saw it as a great fake documentary. I’ve always liked stories that are told from the lay person’s point of view and this movie does just that. Even though the camera-work had the potential of making me nauseous, I definitely felt like I was in the action, going through the same trials the characters were. It brought me back to the Marvels limited series by, well, Marvel Comics. The entire story was told from the perspective of the person on the street (was it Ben Urich?). At one point, you followed the character into an office building and saw the day-to-day life, and all of the sudden there’s a noise and everyone turns around and they see Spidey scurrying across the window outside. And the characters are all like “Whoa. Did I just see that?” Cloverfield gave me the same feeling.

I have been suffering from not wanting to do a lot of Suncoast Studios work. There are only really three projects on my plate right now: Eman’s project, promoting Jeff’s book, and (possibly) getting another author’s book published. I think the problem has been that I’ve not been eating right and there’s been no exercise in my day. This had lead to the collapse of my enthusiasm and creativity. Also, my work environment in the studio is a joke. My desk is a complete mess right now and is not conducive to being productive. I’m going to go home tonight and change all of that as well. I need to dedicate as much time as possible for these things. I have people counting on me to do this stuff, and I don’t want to let them down. Last weekend I went out and bought a new chair for my desk, so there’s obviously some sort of subliminal part of my mind wanting me to do this.

Well, that’s all for now…

Sick Thought of the Day: Using a guitar string to sever a toe.

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