Cake, Ice Cream, Car Chases

Shauna made me a lemon birthday cake yesterday, and I devoured two large (8” l. x 2” w. x 3” h.) pieces and had two large scoops of ice cream. I was seriously jonesing for some cake, and that completely hit the spot. She also cooked me a great dinner with baked whole chicken breasts, pan-fried scalloped potatoes, and broccoli with cheese. Mmm.

We sat and watched the Bourne Ultimatum on DVD and after the movie was over, we dove into the extra bonus material on the disc. That’s such a great trilogy of movies. I’ve always been a fan of Matt Damon’s, and my respect for him took off like crazy when he started to do these flicks.

Well, off to work. Crazy, insane, busy day ahead of me.

Sick Thought of the Day: Yellow poop.

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