New Server, Washed Car, Sandwiches

I’ve spent the past 24 hours building a new server for home. My main server on the network seems to have a bad hard drive in it. Even though the drives are mirrored (RAID 1), I’ll need to reinstall everything on it at some point, and when I do, I’ll upgrade the hard drives from 160GB to 500GB each. So, I’ve built the new server as a temporary box until the primary server can be rebuilt (primary is a bit unstable right now – kind of like me). I’ve been configuring Distributed File Service the last several hours, and have moved print and most FTP services to the new box. I still have web, Exchange, and anti-virus to move. I expect it’ll take me until mid-next week before I can shut the sick server down.

I’ve been working on transferring disc 2 of 2 of my friend’s wedding/honeymoon footage. Looks like it will be done transcoding any minute and the burn will be over soon afterward. I’m going to deliver the discs to him later today when I go over to his office to say hi to everyone.

I went grocery shopping yesterday because I’ve been having these hankerings for deli sandwiches. I got some honey ham, honey turkey and bologna along with some hoagie rolls and some cheese. I made a couple sandwiches last night and had one for lunch today as well. Mmm.

I also washed Shauna’s car yesterday. On my way there, I realized I had on my nice, new Nikes, so I stopped off at Target and got some sandals for $8.48. I’ve never been a sandals guy, but it was necessary as I didn’t want to get my new shoes all full of soap and dirt. Anyway, I ended up wearing them around the house for a while last night and started to get used to them (I hate shit between my toes, and these are like flip-flops with that thing between your big toe and second toe).

I’m going to be heading to Jarod’s (my former co-worker) house tonight for a little get-together. It’s his birthday today.

Alex invited me to a day-cruise on Friday. Heading up to their house at 7:30am that day so we can leave around 8:00am. Should be a lot of fun. Maybe Arnold will go too.

Still no news from the recruiter. As a matter of fact, I’m going to e-mail him in a minute to see if he heard from that job in Bradenton. We’re negotiating over moolah right now.

Sick Thought of the Day: Mayonnaise on Cupid Monger’s sandwich.

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