L.A. Day 3

Friday was a pretty crazy day. We left fairly early and drove down through West Hollywood, eventually making our way to Vegan Glory for a bite to eat. We ended up driving around some and made our way down to Pacific Palasades to meet up with Eman. After showing us around the Ski Channel, we went to lunch at a little diner where I got a turkeyburger and a side salad. We walked around a litle afterward and made our way back to his office.

I interviewed with Steve, the CEO. It was the single most fucked up interview I’ve ever been on. He approached us, dressed very casually in shorts and a t-shirt, holding a Telecaster, playing god knows what on it. “You the one I’m meeting with?” he asks Carl, who answers “no”. He asks me the same question and I affirm, and we sit down on a couch and begin talking, all the while he’s playing the guitar. He asks me several question and I answer. I’m not at the top of my form at all as I’m totally distracted by his playing (which was quite good). The interview ends with a soft “call us up when you get out here.” I felt like I fumbled it.

We then headed back to Hollywood to a comic book store and looked around a bit, stopped at a vegan place called Blueberries, then headed up Laurel Canyon Road back to Santa Clarita to go pick up Belen.

At 7:00, we met with Swati and Mark at Real Food Daily and had dinner. I had the Pipi Longstockings, which was a salad with vegan cheese chunks. It was quite good. We all talked a while and had a great time. After dinner we walked through the Promenade a bit, said goodbye to Swati and Mark and then headed out toward Santa Monica airport to pick up Brendan.

The four of us headed to downtown L.A. to a birthday party for Christopher, an actor Carl and Brendan know. It was being held at an industrial warehouse. We got there and saw this huge saltwater fish tank, went upstairs, through what looked to be an abandoned building and into a loft that was full of people, food, and drinks. It was decorated nicely and there was a shrine to Ronnie James Dio, who just passed away. Talked to this guy named Stefen, who writes software, met Christipher and sang Happy Birthday, had a cupcake and a drink.

We hung out there for about an hour and a half, left, dropped Brendan off and returned back to Valencia around 2:00am.

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