Full, Yet Relaxing

That pretty much describes my weekend. I stopped off at Hooters Friday night and watched the Lightning win their game and the Yankees lose theirs. I’ve decided I need to slow way down on eating out to save money, so I’m going to limit myself to one night per week. I may make it a weekly pizza night and stay home and do work on this site while eating.

I woke up Saturday determined to relax and de-stress. I cleaned up a bit, went out and grabbed a little bite to eat, then got the truck washed. While I was waiting for them to finish detailing the truck, I thought about heading to the the airport I normally fly out of, Tampa North Aero Park (X39) up near Lutz, and just hang out there for most of the day. So, after they were done, I got in the truck and went there. It’s great to just sit around, watch planes, talk to the old-timers, and get a chance to read through the pile of aviation magazines that have been accumulating on my desk at home.

Between lessons, my instructor came up to me and told me he had an opening after his next lesson and I should go up and have some fun. Over the course of the next hour I thought about that and when he landed I took him up on his offer. I didn’t bring my flight bag with me, as I didn’t intend on flying, so it was a bit awkward not having all my stuff with me. Anyway, we went up, flew around a bit and just had fun. I even flew over Alex & Nel’s house and snapped a photo.

Flyover Alex Nel

Later that night, Arnold called me and asked if I wanted to go out on the boat with him and a buddy of his. I said yes, and we went out fishing for shark all night. We only caught a bunch of ladyfish; no sharks. But we had a lot of fun. Got back home around 4:00pm last night and promptly fell asleep. I think the de-stressing and all of the fresh air and sunshine was why I slept so soundly for 13 hours last night.

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