We’re Live!

FireworksThe new site is live! I’ve decided on a WordPress platform moving forward, as I’ve completely burned out on using DotNetNuke. The site is also hosted internally on the Suncoast Studios server farm – no more crappy hosted solutions.

The last couple of items were shored up, including dropping the Google Analytics code into the site, and also setting up and applying a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

What’s this site doing back online? Didn’t Chewbode abandon it? Yes. And no. I recently realized that I tried too hard to make the site flexible in the past. That hurt the creativity. Bouncing around from platform to platform, using hosted services that lost my data – it was a nightmare.

For some time now I’ve known that there were fragments of old blog posts scattered throughout the file server and in archives online. I really just wanted to get everything in one place. And, now that the Suncoast Studios infrastructure has been built out, there’s a great platform here to drive projects. The first stop on that journey: this site.

So, I saw that if I kept it simple and invested a little time, I could bring everything back together under one roof. That’s why I went with WordPress.

What’s the future of this site? What’s next? Well, for now, I’m just going to post blog entries as often as possible. While I was importing all of the old entries, I read most of them, and realized that the blogging used to inspire me to be creative and productive. I’ve lacked this for some time now. Hopefully I’ll get that back, and then some.

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