Full of Renders, Comics, and BBQ

I was able to get the final render for SCS047 off to Carl this morning. I found that supporting an alpha channel in the animation required QuickTime using the Animation codec with a depth Millions+ of colors.

Today was Free Comic Book Day. The whole family participated as we visited Emerald City Comics in Pinellas Park and The Comics Club in Brandon. We got a ton of stuff that I’m too tired to list here, but all-in-all, got some fantastic deals and bunch of fun reading material (and games!). We grabbed some food at a BBQ kiosk outside Emerald City and some Mexican at Vallarta’s in Brandon later in the day.

After all of that, since Melissa was back in town for the last day or two, we took her by the new house. Nothing’s changed since the photo’s I posted yesterday, but neither of the girls has been to that neighborhood since January, so it was fun to have them see the progress.

Gonna crawl into bed and try to find some fights on TV.

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