A Long-Overdue Update

Hey, the site’s working again and I’m back…

We moved into the new house on October 29, 2016, which was five months ago. Of course, just prior to the move I shut down and packed up the entire network from our old apartment and brought it to the house. For the first 3.5 months here, the servers were powered up, but there was no internet connectivity to them. This was due to the fact that the ISP Ethernet hand-off was in the laundry room, whereas the server rack is located in my office. And there was no Ethernet between. Workstations, mobile devices, Apple TVs, etc. were all using the default Wi-Fi from the ISP. Then, finally, about 1.5 months ago, I finally got up into the attic and ran some cable to cross-connect my pfSense firewall to the ISP. Viola!

So, you may ask, if the servers have been online for the last month-and-a-half, why has the site been inaccessible? Well, that’s because I upgraded the ESXi hypervisors and ran into an issue with unsupported network cards. As a result, the entire DMZ (where this site is hosted) was not accessible. Until today. I’ve fixed the issue, obviously.

Anyway, the house is doing great. Lots of little projects, organization, and decorating still going on. More on that soon. Also, I’m going to be posting some project-related info soon too.

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