Site Tweak, Beginning the Weekend

Since the site’s back up, I decided to head over to the Internet Archive‘s Wayback Machine¬†to force a snapshot of this site. After doing so, I thought to myself “I wonder if there’s an automated way to do this?”. And, there is. I’ve installed a plugin that will submit a new snapshot each time the site is updated.¬†Publishing this post will be the first test.

There are several projects lined up this weekend:

  • UPS Battery: I ordered a new replacement battery for the UPS on my workstation, since the battery in there is pretty much dead. Gotta go pick it up from the store tomorrow.
  • Patio Set: Heading to the store to get a new patio set for the house.
  • Ceiling fans: I ordered three ceiling fans; one for the office and one each for the upstairs bedrooms. Tomorrow they get installed.
  • Loft Furniture: We got two couched for the loft upstairs. One was a regular sofa and the other was a sleeper-sofa. The sleeper-sofa still needs to be moved upstairs.
  • Clean House: It’s time for a through once-over; cleaning the bathrooms, good mopping of the tile floors, and vacuuming the carpets.
  • Organize Garage: Will be heading out to get some shelving units for the garage to tidy it up and prepare to house my new (third) car.
  • Build Hacker Boxes: I signed up for the Hacker Boxes subscription service. I still need to build kit 16, and kit 17 just arrived.
  • 3D Printer: Need to get the printer up and running.

Ok, I’m gonna start prepping stuff. More later…

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