Upgrading the Treasure Chests

Keeping up with my scheduled chores/tasks/projects has been pretty easy. Toward the end of last week I did some adjusting, mainly due to two things: I underestimated the amount of downtime I needed this weekend, and I also had to adjust to accommodate Cari’s car issues, which I was able to fix on Saturday. I’m back on track now.

In the office cupboard, there are a couple of small, cardboard boxes that contain a bunch of geeky keepsakes of mine. The majority of these are various fun things from old Loot Crate boxes, but I also have convention programs and lanyards, stickers, pins, toys, things friends made, Kickstarter rewards, comics, and so on.

I’ve run out of space in the boxes and they’re bulging. So, I decided I wanted to transfer everything into new, wooden boxes, which I’m hoping will last forever. They’re also quite a bit larger – almost twice the height each. I ordered them today, so that should be a fun task for this weekend.

Speaking of boxes and organizing items, I’ve also had a bit of an overflow problem linked directly to the magazine subscriptions I mentioned the other day. Most of the magazines I read and then recycle, but one magazine (The MagPi) I want to hold onto as the issues are full of great projects that I may want to tackle one day. However, the pile that’s accumulated in said cupboard is unsightly, hard to move around and stack things on, and feels a bit unsafe (those suckers might tip over at some point). So, I ordered some magazine file holders. If this proved to be a good solution, I want to extend the system to also hold the Eaglemoss DeLorean magazines I get every month so that I can ditch the terrible binders they give out for free.

This weekend, I caught up on:

I also watched 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

And today, I’m reading The MagPi Issue 104 April 2021

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